Everyone a winner!

Talpa eCommerce is the online player that brings together supply and demand in the leisure sector. With our platforms for auctions and direct deals, we offer consumers a diverse range of experiences and products from our partners. In the Netherlands and Belgium, we do this through our brands VakantieVeilingen, SlaJeSlag and ActievandeDag, for French-speaking Belgium we have VavaBid, and in Germany we operate through GO WIN IT.

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The best offer for leisure activities.

Our customers are online shoppers who are spontaneously interested in fun activities or a nice product for their free time. On our platforms, they find a constantly changing premium assortment, experience the thrill of participating in an auction, and the unexpected opportunity to score a good deal is within reach.

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Our brands.

Our auction platforms are VakantieVeilingen.nl, VakantieVeilingen.be, Vavabid.be, GOWINIT.de and  SlaJeSlag.nl. Consumers determine their own price for a continuously changing, premium range of experiences and products in the leisure sector. They experience the thrill of bidding for a fun day out, a well-deserved vacation, or a special gift. Bid, win, and enjoy!

ActievandeDag.nl and ActievandeDag.be are our deal platforms. For online shoppers, they are a daily source of non-stop deals for more fun and moments of happiness. From day trips to nights out, nationally and regionally. And from products that make leisure time at home even more enjoyable to smart products that save time. You'll find it all at ActievandeDag!

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Let's win together!

Our more than 200 eCommerce specialists are driven by the mission 'Everyone is a winner'. If the consumer wins and our partners win, then we win too. Let’s win together!

For our partners, we are an additional sales channel. We offer them access to millions of consumers in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany, both nationally and regionally. And as part of Talpa Network, we have various channels at our disposal in the Netherlands, such as radio, TV, and social media. So whether the goal is to optimize occupancy, reach a new target audience, or increase brand awareness, Talpa e-commerce provides the solution! The over 200 e-commerce specialists at Talpa eCommerce are driven by our mission: 'Everyone a winner'. When consumers win and our partners win, we win as well. Let's win together!

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We offer our partners:

From amusement parks and zoos to hotels and restaurants, both nationally and regionally and even internationally: we collaborate with providers of premium experiences. Whether your goal is to optimize occupancy, reach a new target audience, or increase brand awareness: Talpa eCommerce helps you win!

An additional sales channel with a huge volume

To bring your offering to the attention, we reach millions of consumers in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany:

  • Auction and deal platforms: 8.4 million sessions per month
  • Apps: 2.4 million apps downloaded
  • Newsletters: 3.1 million recipients
  • Social media channels: over 1.2 million followers
Qualitative reach with a specific audience: the impulse-driven consumer

Consumers are becoming increasingly flexible in their search for unique experiences and are becoming more sensitive to good deals. The 'impulse-driven consumer' and the brands of Talpa eCommerce are a perfect fit. On the auction platforms, these consumers spontaneously participate in an auction for something fun in their free time. On the ActievandeDag dealsite, they unexpectedly score a particularly good deal that comes along.

Our customer base reflects society, in terms of age, gender, and income.

Cross-media boosting opportunities, including through Talpa Network media

By cleverly combining the channels of Talpa eCommerce with the radio- and television stations and other media of Talpa Network, we can make your plans successful faster. This is what we call the Talpa Network effect.

And we guide you from A to Z:
  • Content pages in all languages: our editors create appealing pages for your offering
  • Monthly payment: we handle financial administration and pay you monthly
  • Customer service: our customer care is available 7 days a week to answer customer questions
More reasons to collaborate with us:

ü  Custom sales plan tailored to your wishes

ü  Jointly chosen balance between price, quantities, and deal duration

ü  Adjusting marketing and the visibility of your offering

ü  Possibility to use our reservation/booking system

üDedicated account manager